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We passionately believe in property investing as a wealth creation vehicle. In saying this, our job is to share everything possible we can to help our customers achieve their property investing goals. We walk the talk and invest in property, just like our customers, and surround ourselves with like-minded property experts. We would be delighted to join with you on your investment journey.

We have no up-front fee, no hidden costs, no training or ongoing membership fee. We are real estate agents and earn a commission on sale paid by the sellers.

All of our mentoring and coaching is free.

Absolutely. Our clients are based right across Australia.

We always prefer to meet in person to start with and will make every endeavour to do so, where ever you are in Australia. From that point on, we are able to work via phone, skype and email thereafter.

We work with buyers in every income bracket and situation, from retirees to first home buyers, wage earners to companies, first time investors to buyers with extensive investment portfolios.


We provide an Australian wide property stock selection service. We liaise with local area experts to conform and oversee our thorough due diligence check lists. This will ensure your investment meets our strict criteria.

We can help you determine the right choice of property in the right part of Australia. We tailor an investment strategy for you, customised to your specific situation.

You have no obligations whatsoever; we encourage you to only work with us if you like us, our properties and like what we believe in as property investors.

If not, our buyers can walk away at any time.  There are no up-front costs – you only proceed if you are 100% happy

It is your choice, on your terms at your pace.

We support and help our customers find quality investment properties Australia wide. We can introduce you to expert advisors such as accountants, finance brokers, financial planners and of course, look for genuine researched property opportunities to suit your requirements and long term goals.

We look after the entire investment process from start to finish and ongoing in conjunction with your independent expert advisors.

We are a Real Estate Agency who specialize in helping property investors and first home buyers invest in quality property investments.

We provide mentoring, property investment training and have a trusted panel of property and financial advisors to call upon if required to suit our customer’s needs. We like new and old property and enjoy helping customers create wealth through property investing. We treat every investment like a small business. Your Iivestment must produce your desired results.

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