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Quality Australian investment properties of your choice, on your terms, at your pace

Smart Property Investment and Wealth Creation Specialists

At Horizon Property Alliance, we do things differently to most. Whether you are a first time investment property buyer, or looking to grow an extensive portfolio, here’s why you should work with us:

  • We specialise in SAFE, long term, thoroughly researched, high yielding investment properties Australia wide.
  • Over 25 years experience – we are a fully licensed, trusted Real Estate business, not an unregulated property marketing group.
  • Our buyers best interests come first without fail, every single time.
  • We will help you find the most appropriate property, plus we mentor, coach and support you every step of the way.
  • We access all the latest developments and offer House & Land packages, Apartments, Townhouses and Dual Dwellings including exclusive, off-market and pre-owned options.
  • We  provide an extensive range of properties suited to purchase in a SMSF.
  • No pressure, no obligation and full transparency. There is no hard-sell from us, only guidance and qualified advice.
  • We are 100% independent property specialists.
  • No hidden surprises or fees. Our duty of care ensures you are fully informed every step of the way.
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee arrangement on our services.
  • We don’t recommend mining towns and avoid high risk properties at all costs.
  • All properties are subject to evaluation to the satisfaction of the buyer.
  • We practice what we preach – we only offer properties we would consider investing in ourselves.
  • When you need them, our team of HPA preferred partners are also highly experienced, trusted professionals, and are ready and willing to help at your convenience.

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We Help You Find Better Properties

It doesn’t matter what stage of your investment plan you’re in, we can help you identify the most appropriate opportunities for YOUR situation and will help you develop your property portfolio

Investment Property Case Studies

View example figures and returns from some of our previous clients that demonstrate our focus on positively geared and solidly performing investment properties in growth locations.

Toowoomba Duplex ($595,000)

  • 3+3 Bedroom
  • 2+2 Bathroom
  • 1+1 Parking
  • Approx. Rent
    $580 to $620
    Per week
  • Gross Return
    5.0% to 5.4%
  • Approx. Income
    $30,160 to $32,240
    Per year

Sunshine Coast House + Land ($469,000)

  • 4 Bedroom
  • 2 Bathroom
  • 2 Parking
  • Approx. Rent
    $440 to $460
    Per week
  • Gross Return
    4.8% to 5.1%
  • Approx. Income
    $22,880 to $23,920
    Per year

Ipswich ($395,000)

  • 4 Bedroom
  • 2 Bathroom
  • 2 Parking
  • Approx. Rent
    $390 to $410
    Per week
  • Gross Return
    5.1% to 5.4%
  • Approx. Income
    $20,280 to $21,320
    Per year

Our Property Investment Services

We help you find ideal investment properties regardless of your current financial setup. Our specialty is strategic acquisition through a network of reliable agents and builders so you’re always buying well.

Free One Hour Consultation

We offer a free one hour consultation to explain our process, methodology, experience and examine your individual situation and goals.

Personalised Property Investment Consultancy

Whether you’re a first time investment property buyer or have a portfolio you are looking to grow, let our experienced team tailor an in-depth strategy to fit your situation.

Access to Australian Investment Properties

We have researched and compiled an extensive range of properties around the country in solid investment regions, which you can access FREE.

Access To Experienced Property Investment Advisors

From solicitors to financial planners and brokers, our network of trusted, 100% independent, highly experienced advisors are available when you need them.

Investment Property Portfolio Audit

Whether you have property losing money or are looking for greater returns on an existing portfolio, let us audit your investments to get you on track.

Wealth Creation Through Property Investment Mentoring

We have more than 25 years experience in property investment and want to share our knowledge of wealth creation to those dedicated to learning.

NDIS - An Investment Opportunity Like No Other

Earn a massive 15% – 65% return on your investment.

Honest, Accountable & Reliable

Michael Knights & the Horizon Property Alliance team have a passion for property and love helping others achieve financial freedom through smart, quality property investment across Australia. With a powerful combination of experience, professionalism, and 100% transparency, we’ll ensure you have full confidence in each and every investment.

Experts in Property Investment

Horizon Property Alliance is a fully licensed real estate operation with more than 25 years experience; we are not an unregulated property marketing group. We operate and are compliant under the laws and legislation of the Real Institute of Australia.

Unique, high cashflow properties

Horizon Property Alliance has access to a vast range of investment properties across Australia. Our expertise lies within the property selection process. Our team ensures that every opportunity has been researched and checked against strict criteria.

Personalised service

Our services are tailored to suit each buyer and are combined with our duty of care model, which includes a fully compliant qualifying program.

Education and honesty

We help you understand all the risks involved in property investing before you commit to buying. You will have full confidence knowing your future investments are suited to you and your specific situation.

Free one hour, no-obligation strategy session

We’ll help you discover strategies for sustainable wealth creation through property investment.

Call us on 1300 859 278 or Book online

Success Stories

From Investment Property Woes To High Performing Portfolio

Find out how a comprehensive property audit from Horizon Property Alliance helped Mike and Lesley turn a languishing, high-maintenance property investment into an ongoing positive return.

More customer testimonials
I just would like to say thank you for all the extra time and effort you provided us in the purchase of our two investment properties. Having bought and sold quite a few investments already, you certainly showed us how you care for the Seller and Buyer by doing what it takes to keep all parties very happy. Thanks for your experience and we hope to work with you again.
Michael’s property investment and development knowledge helped me make a great profit. He has a complete understanding on what to look for, for short and long term growth. He is an outstanding agent and property advisor.

Latest Property News

Get up to date on the latest news from the property investment sector from Michael and the team. 

Why I Agree NSW Rental Property Rules Need Updating

There are rock-solid reasons why property regulations need routine spring cleaning. Like anything in real estate, and in life, if you are not moving with the times you risk getting left behind. And the last thing an astute property investor wants is to fall out of touch with the modern rental market world.
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