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It’s never too late to start your wealth creation journey but education is key. We are offering a free two hour wealth creation mentoring session to those who want to learn how how the experts do it successfully.

No doubt you’ve been totally floored by what’s gone on with the world’s ‘financial stability’ and worse to those institutions of certainty like superannuation retirement funds which everyone, until recent years, felt so confident about.

Added to this is that we have seen unstable property prices, and a lot more doom and gloom which the media has kept us well informed about.

Many hard working people who have struggled to get where they are financially – rather than celebrating their financial future and success – now face being left naked without anything on the shore of life when the tide has gone out.

No, it’s not what anyone had hoped for or expected but if this sounds anything like you, then our wealth creation mentoring service is one you should consider. What might amaze you is that despite economic conditions and forecasts there are those out there that still get filthy rich while others are going down the proverbial gurgler… and that’s simply because they have access to wealth creation information which until now has been available to only a few in the know.

And the fact of the matter is…

Unless you come from a background where wealth creation has been part of your upbringing and everyday life it’s likely you won’t be aware of any of these secrets. At best, your financial future could be fairly (with respect) let’s say ordinary.

We can assure you that the information we will teach you will go way beyond what you have heard from any of the ‘so called’ get-rich-quick guru’s who mostly deliver nothing but hot air… unless of course, like the ‘super rich’, they want to keep this prized information to themselves.

At Horizon Property Alliance, we believe in the power of knowledge and education, and for those prepared to learn, we are willing to share all you need to know.

Learn the entire wealth creation through property investment process, including

  • Insight to various types of investment strategies.
  • What fees and charges you can expect to pay.
  • Property selection process – the next hotpot.
  • How, what and when to buy
  • Mitigating risk
  • Property management
  • And more…

Who is the wealth creation mentoring service for?

  • First time property investors
  • Experienced investors wanting to grow their portfolio with intelligent, low risk property investment strategies
  • Anybody looking to grow their wealth through property investment

What will I get?

  • Free two hour introduction consultation
  • One on one coaching & mentoring with Michael Knights, director of Horizon Property Alliance
  • Personalised goals and strategy plan
  • Access and introductions to our network of key people in the  industry
  • Education, education, education!

Ready to start becoming your own expert? Contact us now to book your free two-hour wealth creation mentoring session.

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