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Michael Knights

Horizon Property Alliance is located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.  Founder and Director, Michael Knights, formed a property development & investment company in 2016. Having more than 25 years experience in the property industry, as a qualified Real Estate Agent, Michael’s transition into property investment was a natural progression after helping thousands of people buy and sell property.

Michael is now working as a developer, Investor and SDA provider – his passion is helping others, regardless of age or financial situation. He believes investing in property is an effective way to achieve financial freedom.

Ultimately, Horizon Property Alliance is in the business of helping people to grow their wealth through smart property investment.

Earning trust of those that he works and partners with is of utmost importance to Michael, as he’s seen first-hand damage caused to many investors (and families) when dealing with property investment advisors who are masked as fully licensed agents and are not properly qualified or skilled.

Horizon Property Alliance values confidentiality and provides a 100% confidentiality guarantee.  Furthermore, there is never a conflict of interest in any dealings undertaken by his business – systems and processes have been implemented to demonstrate transparency and compliance.

The company’s strategic alliance partnerships (financial brokers, accountants, solicitors, real estate agents, property managers and financial planners) are confident knowing that the separately owned business model brings independence and protection.  Thus providing full control of their clients’ investment journey.

Michael Knights Personal Mission Statement

Michael’s purpose in life is to live a long, happy, prosperous and healthy life.

To share his knowledge, inspire and encourage people to have and achieve their dreams, and to take action to achieve their goals.

He surrounds himself with a community of energetic, positive, self- motivated adventurers. He prides himself on integrity and strives to help others do whatever it takes to live their life to maximum potential.

Horizon Property Alliance Mission Statement

Our mission is to be regarded as one of the most respected property investment, Property development & SDA Providers in Australia.

To achieve this big bold statement we will create trust through our integrity and let the results that we deliver speak for themselves.

We will always put our customers’ interests first and surround ourselves with professional investors and like-minded experts who understand all facets of property investing and holistic wealth creation strategies.

We will inspire all we work with and share our extensive knowledge to help others achieve wealth and financial security through property investment.

Our goal is for others to live the dream and achieve a life of prosperity.

“You can have everything in life you want, if you just help enough other people get what they want,”  Zig Ziglar

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