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Beat the The C word with 10% to 15% returns.

You can take advantage of a Black Swan Event while genuinely helping those who need it. We can show you How. Michael Knights, CEO, Horizon Property Alliance Click to Learn about Mike's ups and downs through several booms and busts and…

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Red Hot Road Trip – Baragra SDA Beach House Grand Opening

Red Hot Road Trip - Baragra SDA Beach House Grand Opening: We kicked off the year with our successful road trip to Bundaberg and the nearby Bargara beachside, where we have just built the Bargara Beach House - Specialised Disability Accommodation customised…

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What a year… And we’re just getting started!

While you're busy preparing for your Christmas get together, finishing up your last few days of work, or planning your kick start into 2020, I thought it would be the right time to highlight the huge year we've had, and…

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Beware of spruikers, masquerading as property experts!

The One Stop Shop, Spruikers acting as Property Experts selling overpriced properties. You can see them coming if you know what you're looking for. Be aware, they are smooth talkers. Their aim is to create a trusting relationship, then they will…

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