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Would you believe that we are busier than ever?

Savvy investors are acting on the excellent investment opportunities that we are finding in the current crisis. We are all getting ready for what could be the biggest property bounce back in many years.

The time to buy is when everyone is fearful or uncertain, the key is to be able to manufacture wealth and equity in the opportunities we find. That is what we do.

Investing in the Queensland Property Market is considered considerably safer than the southern states based on the pipeline of infrastructure and future employment potential. The confidence is already starting to show, the banks are overloaded with applications from buyers looking to get ready to pounce. You can talk to any good broker and they are all saying the application time to get an approval is a lot longer than they have ever seen and hard work, the good news is if you can qualify it will be worth it.

If you are one of the savvy buyers sitting on cash or have your money ready to take advantage of the current market. We have found some red hot options worth serious investigation, We think these are NO BRAINERS positive cash cows ready for the bounce back in within the next 12 months.

These properties on offer are for smart investors at wholesale prices. We only bring properties to the table that stack up. We are so confident in the stock options we design and have built, we suggest you should show them to your team of qualified advisers to help you decide what’s right for you and help you with your finance and safeguard your assets.

Here are two small duplex developments worth looking at right now. Both on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

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The Chris Hemsworth consists of two 2 bedroom units. The total package is $760,000 and you should see a net profit of $130,000.


The other is The Freddy Mercury. This is Specialised Disability Accommodation with rent paid by the Government on behalf of the participants. The Total Package is $580,000 to $670,000 depending on where you buy the land and offers a net return of up to 15%  based on the category of the NDIS  participant. This kind of investment will net you over $1000 per week in your hand after all expenses if you borrowed the lot from the bank. Not bad hey. Yes, we like it a lot.

I just wanted to remind you about Brett. Brett has just signed up for the very same design and it’s about to return him over $1000 net per week net. 

The total package cost him $565,000.
Gross income is around $122,000 per year.

Brett will earn a net income over a $1000 per week in his hand, not bad. 

This is after all expenses, not including any other tax rebates.







After all costs, he’ll bring in over $1000 per week in positive cash-flow.

I’m passionate about property, and I’d love to share information about these with you. If you’re interested, like-minded or just want to talk to another property nerd like me because you’ve been locked inside with the kids, give me a call or send me an email. I can set you up on an instant video call.

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