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Beat the The C word with 10% to 15% returns.

You can take advantage of a Black Swan Event while genuinely helping those who need it.

We can show you How.

Michael Knights, CEO, Horizon Property Alliance
Click to Learn about Mike’s ups and downs through several booms and busts and his 30 property portfolio.

I’d like to make it clear – we love what we do these days.

Horizon Property Alliance is here to help people find financial freedom and learn from  past investment mistakes.

I had a 30 property empire, and I learned the hard way – I was paying dearly for it.

I burned out, I wasn’t able to sleep at night because I owed the bank a lot of money, and I needed to service that debt every month. Does this sound familiar?

I have managed to trade my way out of 3 busts and the GFC. I’m still successfully buying, selling and developing for myself and my clients now – in fact we are excited about “the C Word” – our clients are preparing to take advantage of the opportunities in this changing market.

One of the most important things I learnt along the way was that cash flow is king. And how to protect your assets if something goes wrong in your life. (Think a black swan event or worse).

For those of you feeling the pressure and stress from the C word, we are here to help you.

We are offering a free property audit, a property health check up. Do not wait until its to late. Take advantage of an experienced unemotional opinion from independent experts.This could be your time to shine if you get the right advice early enough.

See how a property audit changed Mike & Leslie’s life here.

Today I wouldn’t invest in anything that cost me more than it earns, and I wouldn’t recommend or sell a property investment that I wouldn’t invest in myself.

Horizon’s journey into Specialised Disability Accommodation (SDA) aligns perfectly with our code of ethics – we can help you to help yourself and those that need it.

This is our turn and yours to pay it forward and give back to the people who need it the most.

Your personal reward for providing essential community support is the NDIS, who supports your investment property by paying the rent on behalf of the participants.

This rent is well above anything on offer in the market and it is saving and changed lives. 

We understand that in some ways we provide essential services  – by building more SDA, we are helping disabled participants and freeing up much needed hospital beds. 

Ironically with the current C-word crisis, we need to build to SDA homes asap and we are asking for your help.

2020 is going to be the biggest year of change in a long time.

It is also a year that you will say:
“I should have bought an NDIS high yielding investment property”. Or
“I should have invested in a duplex development, look what it’s worth now!”

Now it is more important than ever to invest in Positive Cash Flow Property investments. Cash Flow is King   

For many investors and tenants in the current crisis, specialised investment properties will be in high demand – People are looking for accommodation that fills their specific requirements. Either way, you, the investor is best placed to help them, and do so in a safe, positively geared way. If your property pays for itself, there is very little risk, regardless of the state of the economy. It provides you with an income  that will withstand any Black Swan Event.

This Market presents you with an exciting opportunity.  Now is the time to look at property in a new way, and get ready to pounce!

Surround yourself with an independent team of property experts  – our friends and investors are gearing up to take advantage of the current state of play. Opportunities are abundant if you know where to look and how to get them. Negative gearing is over.

The significant crash in the Australian stock market has taken us back to levels like the GFC in 2008 (or worse). It may not have finished falling yet, but in the 10-12 years since the GFC, the value of well located properties around Australia has grown significantly.

We are excited about the buying opportunities that are happening as we speak.

For those of you who contacted me over the last couple of weeks, I congratulate you for taking action and preparing to pounce on the next opportunity when it falls in your lap. It will happen when you least expect it. It is a kind of karma thing – if you put yourself out there, things just seem to happen.

Don’t give up, stay positive and keep looking. Stick with us – we are all in this buying opportunity together. 

Mike Knights 0409018778

Learn about Michael Knights here or listen to his podcast with Property Investory

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