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The Arnold Schwarzenegger develops your way to a potential $82k to $157k+ Profit. Profit in any market conditions.

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We have had some great feedback about our last communication. The market for us is surprisingly hot. For some, however, it is not – they say money makes money. We are proud to say we have been helping both parties out. Both Savvy investors keen to take advantage of the bounce back and sellers feeling the pinch.

Most of the feedback we’ve had lately has been positive but cautiously optimistic. People are asking things like “so what is the market doing?”, “are you busy” and “tell me how it is?”. Do you think the market is dropping?

The answer is it doesn’t matter.

If you are buying well and if you know how to find the right kind of positive cash flow investments you’ll be safe to weather any storm in the long game of property investing. Buying good property with good cash flow in a strong growth location will win in any market in the long term.

That is what we do.

We are working on 3 duplex projects that will be ready when the lock-down is over, These are no brainers – small safe cash cows that will make you money in any market conditions, both in the short and the long game plan. These tick all our boxes.

We are not sure what gets us more excited about these developments that we have on offer at the moment… is it that they are named after action movie stars, or is it that they look to give an equity uplift of $80,000 to $157,000? Equity uplift is profit – the amount left in the retail value of the property after you’ve paid everything out to develop and build it. Developers profit.

We go back to the basics on these – we’ve always been about small duplex projects, and these are beauties – two of them don’t even look like duplexes!

The Sylvester Stalone is 2 x 3 bedroom units, detached. The total package is $818,000 and offers a gross return of 5.94% to 6.56% based on a rent appraisal of $460 to $475 per week. Two Homes on one Block.
Based on the expected resale value of $450,000 to $475,000 you would make an equity uplift of $82,000 to $112,000!

Next up, the Arnold Schwarzenegger. These units are attached. Total package is $770,000 and offers a gross return of 6.01% to 6.15% based on a rent appraisal of $445 to $455 per week.
Based on an expected resale value of $445,000 to $455,000 you would make an equity uplift of $120,000 to $140,000.

Finally the Van Damme. This one’s a killer, detached set of two 3 bedroom duplexes. The total package is $793,000 and offers a gross return of 6.03% to 6.23% based on a rent appraisal of $460 to $475 per week. Two homes on one block.

Based on an expected resale value of $450,000 to $475,000 you would make an equity uplift of $107,000 to $157,000.

I can’t tell you how excited I feel about these developments – this is the type of development I’ve done multiple times for myself, and my clients and friends

I just wanted to remind you about Brett. Brett has just signed up for this little beauty that is about to return him over $1000 net per week net. 

The total package cost him $565,000.
Gross income is around $122,000 per year.

Brett will earn a net income over a $1000 per week in his hand, not bad. 

This is after all expenses, not including any other tax rebates.

The Freddy Mercury rocks and returns great income!







After all costs, he’ll bring in over $1000 per week in positive cash-flow.

We are passionate about property, and I’d love to offer these with you. If you’re interested, like-minded or just want to talk to another property nerd like me because you’ve been locked inside with the kids, give me a call or send us an email. We can set you up on an instant video call.

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