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If you’re thinking about investing in property, Horizon Property Alliance can help regardless if you’re a first time or experienced investor.


Horizon Property Alliance have more than 25 years’ experience. We ensure you have the opportunity to walk away from any investment opportunity if you are not 100% happy.

We Know What We Are Good At

Property investment is a process and a successful strategy has many elements to it. We are up front and transparent about what we specialise in – selecting high yielding property investments from all over Australia to suit every type of financial and personal situation and finding property in premium locations that deliver only upside potential.

We don’t claim to be financial or legal experts and encourage our clients to surround themselves with expert advisors such as solicitors, accountants, financial planners and financial brokers.

Advice, Guidance and Support

Our focus is ensuring your best interests comes first.

The key to successful investing starts with identifying your short, medium and long term investing goals – why you want to invest and what you want to achieve financially.

Once you have identified your goals and objectives, Horizon Property Alliance provides access to a team of independent experts who will advise, support and guide you through the whole process.

Because our alliance partners are separately owned business professionals, there is no conflict of interest. You can be assured you’ll receive 100% unbiased property professional advice.

Alternatively, if you feel more comfortable choosing your own team of experts, we are more than happy to work with whomever you feel comfortable with.

Personalised Service

Our unique mentoring programs are tailored to each client and offer a 100% guarantee offset arrangement.

Our duty of care model includes a fully compliant qualifying program to ensure you are informed about the risks involved in property investing prior to entering the buying process.


We provide  an online hub showcasing the latest properties available across Australia – it’s important to us that our clients are given first access to the hottest properties on the market.

Property Selection

Horizon Property Alliance has access to the best investment properties in Australia.

Our expertise lies within the property selection process and our dedicated research team ensure that every opportunity we present has been checked against strict criteria:

Our service includes the completion of an independent full market appraisal on the property investment and if possible, order a full bank valuation to be completed prior to entering into a transaction if required. If the valuation is not acceptable we will recommend you walk away from the investment opportunity.

We are confident that our property investment model delivers outstanding results and encourage you to shop around and compare our services before engaging Horizon Property Alliance.

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