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Unrivaled energy, commitment and proven results are the hallmarks of Australia’s most awarded agent.

Michael Knights was born and bred on Queensland’s Redcliffe Peninsula, and has worked in the Real Estate industry for over 25 years. He bought his first property at the age of 20 and has continued to identify growth areas and build on his investment portfolio. Michael possesses an in-depth understanding of Queensland’s property market and a thorough understanding of investment opportunities Australia Wide – he embraces the relaxed beach-side lifestyle that the region offers.

Michael brings a powerful combination of experience and professionalism to his clients and future prospects. He believes the best way to secure the highest yielding investment is through, strong negotiating skills and being able to think strategically. A solid background in proven marketing and sales has firmly entrenched his ambition to consistently exceed clients’ expectations.

Michael Knights was a natural born salesperson. He has been presented everything from Marketing to Auctions, to Sale Volumes and Customer Service awards. Michael was also awarded the No.1 Re/Max agent in Australia for several years running and subsequently ranked in the Top 3 of the world, competing against more than 150,000 Remax agents internationally. A career highlight was an invitation to the Australian Real Estate Conference (AREC) in 2002 as a Key Note speaker where he spoke in front of thousands of his Real Estate peers alongside the top agents from around the world.

“I wouldn’t make a recommendation on a project if I wouldn’t buy it myself.”

Michael Knights opened Re/Max on the Redcliffe Peninsula in Queensland in January 2000. The franchise agency was quickly awarded the No.1 office in Australia and continued to so for many years. Michael decided to sell the enormously successful business in June 2006 to semi-retire and move to the Sunshine Coast to spend more time with his family while focusing on property development. Michael is now a proud local resident of the region, and brings an unwavering passion of the property development & investment industry to the area.

Currently, Michael owns numerous businesses including a 24-hour gym, a leading boutique Property Development & Investment business (Horizon Property Alliance) and a Property Coaching and Mentoring company. He now prefers to work inconspicuously and work hard as a silent achiever. With two beautiful daughters, Michael embraces family and community alike. He loves to keep fit and has competed in many fun runs, marathons, ironman events and triathlons around the world. He enjoys the beach, working out in the gym and eating exotic food. Michael remains a busy professional man and a weekend warrior. Michael has become a local celebrity having appeared on many Australian property television programs such as ‘Hot Auctions’, ‘Location, Location’ and ‘Hot Property’. He also gained international recognition for his successful campaigns and strategies and is now well recognised when traveling around the world.

Michael has built a reputation for his predictions in the Property Market, accurately forecasting several booms and busts over the last 15 to 20 years. In his opinion, there is still a small window of opportunity to purchase property development sites now. Michael believes that many areas of Queensland will continue with massive growth and high yields for several years and has bought property and is land banking in anticipation for this foresighted cycle and current property boom.

According to Michael, investors are choosing to pay premium prices for property throughout Australia. He recommends investors should be searching for areas that haven’t yet boomed, but will, and believes this is how real money in property development is made. Michael’s ability to predict for high yield growth areas is knowledge worth banking on.

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