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  • Want to become a property investor but don’t know where to start?
  • Unsure about to where to look for a solid first investment property?
  • Confused about whether to choose a positive or negatively geared property?
  • Interested in a property you’ve seen, but unsure of it’s expected gains and returns?
  • Not clear on what type of investment property you need to meet your goals?

You are not alone!
 Property investment can be a daunting prospect without the right guidance and small mistakes or failing to understand on any of these fronts can result in financial pain.

Understanding the cycles of real estate, cash flow and financing, high growth assets and areas, ongoing costs…the list goes on of all the many things you need to know to make sure you are making a SMART, high growth investment with your hard earned cash to secure your future.

Approximately one in three landlords in Australia have a household income under $100,000. This shows that you don’t have to be rich to start investing in property. Regardless of age or situation, property investment provides opportunity to get into the property market sooner, to grow your wealth or secure a nest egg for retirement

With the right expertise, you can create wealth through property investment from the get-go. Profit by buying right the first time and don’t learn lessons the hard way by buying based on emotion, bad advice or from a lack of the RIGHT research.

At Horizon Property Alliance, we have repeatedly seen the mistakes first-time investment property buyers tend to make and how confusing navigating your first purchase can be without the right information or misleading information from unskilled and inexperienced investment property advisors. The good news is that buying your first investment property doesn’t have to be hard - learning the basics is your first starting point.

With experienced advice and quality research, you can be on your way to buying the best first investment property possible.

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