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I just would like to say thank you for all the extra time and effort you provided us in the purchase of our two investment properties.

I know you are a very busy Agent, but you still made the time to allow us additional inspections as well as supplying us with more information we requested in relation to approvals and some building and pest issues that we found in the report.

Having bought and sold quite a few investments already, you certainly showed us how you care for the Seller and Buyer by doing what it takes to keep all parties very happy.

Thanks for your experience and we hope to work with you again.

I met Michael Knights at one of his Property information evenings, and engaged in his mentoring programs.

I really liked Mike from the moment we first met. The total property expert, he was very open and transparent and worked with integrity. I was impressed by his property selection criteria and his motto of walking the talk, when he is advising his clients he only sells property to his clients that he would invest in himself, and I saw him do this.

I am a builder who had a disastrous partnership and an investment venture that went bad. I was wanting to start again in property and Michael was able to help with an off the market investment opportunity, I was able to buy off the plan for $60,000 less than completed market value. This helped my buy below market value allowing me to recoup some of my previous losses and get back into the market. The investment is now worth $120 – $130K more and is positively geared.

He introduced me to an independent Finance Broker and a new Financial Advisor who also helped me with my new venture and buying structure.

I was a difficult client, being semi self-employed and a subcontractor with a broken track record. Michael and his team helped me get back in the market. I can phone Michael for advice anytime and he always comes up with the goods.

I am now building for clients again and building spec homes for myself thanks to Michael’s expertise.

I was attracted to Michael Knights based on his friendly and approachable personality. He was not pushy at all and I really liked his down to earth but very thorough understanding of the property market.

I was wanting to sell my big home on the water and decided to invest into a duplex investment. Michael was able to help explore what was required to build and help with the design, and sold my home with no fuss. He helped with the negotiation of the land and oversaw the diligence and made sure that the project was feasible.

I am currently under construction with a preferred builder and if all goes to plan, I should make approximately 40% = $200K return within 6 to 12 months. With some good advice from Michael and my advisory team, I hope to minimize my tax and continue re-investing into another project.

Michael Knights has been extremely good to work with and look forward to the next investment adventure.



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